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Taylor Cemetery ~ Cornelia Taylor ~ part of the Polk County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Cornelia Taylor
MAIDEN NAME: Zumwalt AKA 1:  AKA 2:  AKA 3: 
BORN: 14 Mar 1848 DIED: 19 Jul 1907 BURIED:  (Taylor Cemetery)
Name of father John Zumwalt
Name of mother Lucinda
1850 OR CENSUS - Cornelia Zumwalt, age 3, b. Oregon, is enumerated with John, age 33, occupation farmer, b. Missouri, and Lucinda, age 32, b. Missouri, along with Mary S., age 15. b. Missouri, Sarah A., age 11, b. Missouri, John a., age 10, b. Missouri, Isaac R., age 8, b. Missouri, and Thos. S., age 5, b. Missouri.
1860 OR CENSUS - C. Zumwalt, female, age 11, b. Oregon, is enumerated with the family of John Johnson, age 45 occupation farmer, b. New York, and his wife, P. A., age 30, b. New York, and their children A. P. Johnson, female, age 2, b. Oregon, and E. J. Johnson, female, age 8 months, b. Oregon.
1900 OR CENSUS - Cornelia Taylor, age 52, widowed, landlady, mother of 6 children 5 of whom are living at the time of the census, b. Mar 1848 in Oregon, is enumerated with Lola M., age 33, single, b. May 1867 in Oregon, James A., age 30, single, occupation farmer, b. Jul 1869 in Oregon, Dick, age 25, single, occupation farm laborer, b. Oregon, and Lillie A., age 18, b. Jul 1881 in Oregon.

BIOGRAPHICAL (Source - WPA Historical Records, Benton Co., Oregon, WPA interview of daughter, Molly Taylor Marks, Jun 1938):
"Mrs. Marks was interviewed at the old Marks homestead, about six miles north of Summit on Fern Ridge. Both her parents and her husband's parents were pioneers. Her memory of early events in her own life is good, and she has much information that has been handed down from her elders. She is a widow, and lives at the old home with a son.
"...I was born in Peedee. My father was Anderson Taylor who crossed the plains in 1850 at the age of fourteen. Father's uncle, John Johnson who had crossed the plains four times, was captain of the train. He had a place already located near Peedee for grandfather, James Taylor. When they settled there the country was undeveloped and mail and groceries had to be brought from Oregon City. Grandfather Taylor was the first County Judge of Polk County. He had been a lawyer in Michigan, but turned his attention to cattle raising in Oregon. In the first years there seemed to be little business for lawyers, perhaps because there was little money to pay the fees.
"The Taylor children were Phoebe, (Mrs. Johnson), Esther (Gilliam), John, James, and my father, Anderson. Both Phoebe and Esther had been school teachers in Michigan. Esther married a relative of Colonel Gilliam, prominent early settler of Polk County. My cousins, Mellie and Mary Gilliam, each served for a time as School Superintendent of Walla Walla County, Washington. Teaching seems to run in the family, as I taught school before I was married and each of my three daughters has been a school ma'am.
"Father was educated in the country schools and in Dallas. I am not sure whether he attended the Dallas Academy or not. Then he farmed and raised stock at Peedee. He served as Justice of the Peace for some years but never held any other elective office.
"My mother, Cornelia Zumwalt, was born in Salem in 1849. The Zumwalts had come to Oregon by way of the Meeks Cut-off and had almost starved before getting through. They settled on the Luckiamute River in Polk county. Grandfather Zumwalt was one of the first commissioners of Polk County. He was a brick mason in addition to being a farmer and this added income made him quite prosperous. There were few or no brick buildings at first but grandfather was much in demand for building chimneys.
"Grandfather Zumwalt's name was John and his wife was Lucinda. Their children were Mary, John, Isaac , Tom, and Cornelia, my mother. Aunt Mary married a Zumwalt, but he was no relation to her. My mother was educated in the country schools and then taught school herself.
"My parents were married in 1864 when mother was just a girl of fifteen. Girls married young in those days, for there was no choice for an education, and no other career open to them. Some of mother's girl friends were married as young as thirteen. "My brothers and sisters were Lola, James, Dick, Phil and Lillie. None of them ever had any children."
Cornelia Taylor
Mar. 14, 1848
July 19, 1907
Saucy Survey & Photographs
Branigar Survey
1850 OR CENSUS (Polk Co., FA #9)
1860 OR CENSUS (Polk Co., Luckiamute, FA #417)
1900 OR CENSUS (Polk Co., Luckiamute, ED 176, sheet 6B)

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